Honor List

The honor list is composed of the university’s top students.


University Life

Life at university and on campus provides students with new and exciting experiences that come in handy later in life. Here are some of these carefree interactions..


Academic Divisions

Courses of study of Ahl al-Bayt International University

Islamic Studies

Ahlul Bayt International University established the Faculty of Islamic
Islamic Studies

Law and Political Science

Ahlul Bayt International University (AS) took an effective step
Law and Political Science

Social and Behavioral Sciences

In the age of globalization, urbanization, and industrial developments,
Social and Behavioral Sciences

Science and Technology

 The Faculty of Science and Technology of Ahl al-Bayt
Science and Technology

Department of Women’s Studies

Introduction Today more than ever, the position of women
Department of Women's Studies

Language Department

The language department of Ahlul Bayt International University (AS)
Language Department

Why Ahlul Bayt International University?

A space for the education of elite Muslim students

Ahlul Bayt International University is the only university in Tehran where almost ninety percent of its campus is comprised of elite-international students. The ABU is proud to provide elite and ambitious Muslim students with a professional and hospitable environment. International applicants can take advantage of top-level professors and enroll in cultural-educational projects to realize their potential in one of the cultural hubs of the world, Iran.  


Granting scholarships to elite Muslim students in the fields of humanities, technology, and engineering in graduate school is one of the main programs of this university, which tries to be a good host for applicants to study in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Member of the International Association of Universities affiliated with UNESCO

Ahlul Bayt (AS) International University welcomes students of many different nationalities in a beautiful atmosphere in Tehran, the capital of Iran, with faculty members specializing in various academic disciplines, and is also proud to be a member of the UNESCO International Association.

Interaction within universities and think-tanks

Ahlul Bayt (AS) International University is an honor to host professors and researchers specializing in Oriental studies worldwide. Cooperation with universities and various think tanks around the world, as well as the establishment of educational and research chairs in the fields of Islam, Shiite studies, and Quranic studies, are among the academic priorities of this university.



Benefit from a center for growth and innovation

Ahlul Bayt (AS) International University has an innovation center that, like other university innovation centers, to create employment for university graduates, commercialize research-applied achievements, develop small and medium-sized businesses, facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology from University centers have been established and expanded to other community centers.

University facilities and amenities

The facilities of Ahlul Bayt (AS) International University include providing scholarships to elite applicants – using the facilities of Iran tourism camps and visiting Iran’s tourist and pilgrimage places – sports facilities and insurance.

We believe that education is for everyone Ahlul Bayt (AS) International University has many features that can improve your scientific and research level


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